TTC Timeline

October 2010 – Tie the Knot

Dec 2010 – April 2011 – Ditch the BCP’s and see what happens

May 2011 – Dec 2011 – Tracking ovulation with OPK’s and timing intercourse

Dec 2011 – Appointment with GYN to discuss difficulty TTC.  Medical history reviewed, physical, and fertility tests to be completed reviewed.

Jan 2012 – All tests relating to my fertility come back normal.  B’s SA comes back w/ a range of 0% to 10% morphology (all other #’s are great).  Since I did Clomid Challenge Test, GYN suggested taking advantage and completing an IUI.  BFN

February 2012 – B appointment with urologist.  Physical exam shows everything normal.  Second SA (more specific analysis) finds 0% morphology (0 out of 200) and notes heads are round in shape, not oval.  Urologist recommends cutting out all alcohol and caffeine for 6 weeks and repeating SA.  In the meantime my GYN recommended making an appointment with a RE.

April 2012 – Third SA, 1% morphology (2 out of 200).  Urologist explains IVF is our only hope.

April 2012 (one week later) – First meeting with RE.  Charts reviewed from both of our doctors and decide IVF with ICSI is our treatment plan.  Then RE realizes what insurance we have and states they do not recognize “morphology” as a reason for infertility (WTF moment!!!  Why is the insurance company dictating our treatment plan???)  In order for our insurance to cover IVF, we need to have 3 failed cycles of IUI.  (**I hate to complain about this because I am one of the lucky ones in a state that mandates infertility coverage, but it enrages me that insurance dictates treatment, not doctors).

April/May 2012 – 2nd IUI – 50mg Clomid days 3-7 and Ovidrel Injection.  BFN

May/June 2012 – 3rd IUI – 50mg Clomid days 3-7 and Ovidrel Injection.  BFN

June 2012 – Mandatory Infertility Overview Class.  Find out the IVF unit is closed for 3 1/2 weeks in July/August, which is right in the middle of when I would have been doing my 1st IVF cycle!!!  (Again, WTF!!!!)

June 2012 – Appointment with RE to sign IVF consents and discuss next steps since the IVF unit is closed when we should have been doing IVF cycle #1.  Decide to go on birth control to keep my cycle regular in the meantime (I suggested this to my RE and she agreed).  Now we wait…

Mid-August 2012 – IVF Cycle #1 – Protocol: Luteal Lupron Protocol – For details about the protocol click here. (BFN)

October 1st – FET #1 – For details about the protocol click here. (BFN)

Mid-October 2012 – IVF Cycle #2 – Protocol: Microdose Lupron Protocol – For details about the protocol click here. (BFP on 11/26 – Beta #1 = 245; Beta #2 on 11/28 = 491; 2 heartbeats found on 12/14/12…will be going back 12/28/12 for last ultrasound with RE office as long as everything looks okay.  1st appointment with OB scheduled for 1/3/13)


2 thoughts on “TTC Timeline

  1. Ok, maybe this is a weird place to leave a comment, but having just read and re-read your TTC timeline I just had to chime in. Whoa. First off, you’re not along in insurance companies pretty much telling you when you can have what procedure. As I always say, insurance is nice but the companies sure do suck! Ick! Poop. Secondly, I’m sorry about your wait this summer. As a fellow teacher I know summer is a great time to relax and take on something a bit more stressful (i.e. IVF), but I also believe that the extra time off will benefit you in the long run. Take care of yourself and Hubby. Do extra nice things for each other. Get in really good baby making shape (this means you’re relaxed, well fed, well summered) and then you can head into IVF ready to go. Get some massages, maybe some acupuncture. Read. You’re right to think WTF about the wait, but use it to your advantage. And, if you have any questions about consents and meds, now you have more time to ask questions. I’ll be awaiting your adventure with IVF. It’ll be awesome.

    • Thanks for your encouraging words! I’ve been thinking about trying acupuncture and my RE said they have some names of people that other clients have used and liked. I just may try it out this summer. I will be doing some odds and ends work this summer, but mostly hanging out with the puppy and focusing on myself and B.

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