Sunday update…a little late

Well my Sunday weigh in had me at 134.4.  Still not losing any weight.  I was good on the walking and MUCH better with the not eating junk.  The week started out so-so, but I haven’t had a sweet/junk food since Tuesday night.  I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself.  The BCP’s are definitely to blame with a lot of the weight gain.  And it’s official…my boobs are actually bigger, it’s not just my imagination!  I am currently wearing a C cup for the first time ever.  So I guess that is some of the blame for the weight as well :)

This week is packed with work, errands, laundry, and packing for vacation.  We are SO excited to get away for 8 days!!!  I’m excited for a busy week because that always makes the time go faster and then we are that much closer to vacation! :)


Feelings of Guilt

I had every intention of staying on top of the ICLW requirements.  I also had every intention of creating a new post every day during this week so people stopping by would have something new to read each day.  Well my good intentions did not pan out as I hoped.  I had to work several days this week and I just have not been able to have my usual blog world time.  I feel guilty about leaving my blog all alone for a few days…I want to be a more consistent blogger….I have read a few of my favorite blogs, but did not leave any comments.  I will try and be better!  And another confession…the time I have spent home on the computer has been watching episodes of Veronica Mars.  I had never watched the show, but caught a rerun on TV about a week ago and I have been an addict ever since.  I’ve watched Seasons 1, 2 and I am 1 episode into Season 3.  I think I need help!

Even though I haven’t been immersed in blog land, I have still had everyone on my mind and have been processing what I’ve read lately.  The most prominent thought has been the many different emotional stages of infertility.  I plan to write more on this in the upcoming days so stay tuned…

In more relevant news, my meds have arrived.  OMG I a completely overwhelmed!  That box is seriously scary!  Good news is that the total bill was cheaper than I anticipated…$170 instead of $225.  It’s nice to have an extra $55 in my pocket.  I took a picture and sent it to B while he was at work and his response was “Holy Meds”…um yeah, no kidding!  I put the Lupron and Ovidrel in the fridge and put the rest of the boxes in a bag in the spare bedroom.  I have my phone med class on Thursday morning, so no need to stare at them on the kitchen table until then.  Only 12 more days until the first injection!  Both completely frightening and very exciting at the exact same time!!!



Exercise/Diet Update: Weigh in was 134.4 (last week was 134.8) so things are not going as planned.  I have to say that I although I have been very good about getting 2 walks per day in with C, I have not been great with my diet.  I haven’t cut out sweets at all.  I don’t eat them everyday, but have had them most days.  This is my number one goal this week!  NO SWEETS!  I think the 2 walks is good, but I think I need to add a more active/heart-pumping exercise a couple times per week.  I’m not crazy about running anymore, so I’ll have to think about this one.  I haven’t been too serious about sticking to the plan and I need to get on it so I can lose at least 5-6 pounds so I can fit into my dress for my friends upcoming wedding!

Work Update: B and I had today and will have tomorrow off together.  It is so nice to spend time relaxing together.  We discovered a new trail with a stream to walk with C.  It was very peaceful and no one else was around.  We decided to go back tomorrow and pack a lunch and wear bathing suits this time.  I really enjoy our alone time especially since we don’t have much of it.  The unfortunate thing is that I have to go into school/work 3 days this week and I’m not looking forward to it.  I have been working part-time throughout the summer, but it is not school related and I have really enjoyed the break.  I”m not looking forward to the stress that will come along with it this week.  Ugh!

IVF Update: I will be receiving my meds on Thursday so I’m looking forward to that.  It will be nice to look at and organize everything.  That is the only IVF thing going on this week, but even something small makes me feel like we are progressing.  And this reminds me that I need to take my pills now (BCP, Prenatal Vitamin, and 400mg Folic Acid), which I take every night.

My First ICLW

Welcome ICLW’s!  This is my first one and I hope to get some comments from current blog friends and also from some new viewers.  If you are not familiar with ICLW, click here to read all about it and get the links of all the blogs participating this month.  I will give a quick update of our story and where we stand right now, but click on the About and TTC Timeline sections to view all the details.  My husband was diagnosed with MFI (more specifically morphology) in January 2012.  After 3 failed IUI’s (2 with trigger shot), we are about to begin our first cycle of IVF with ICSI.  I am currently taking BCP’s and will start my first meds (Lupron) on August 8th.  Click here to view my specific protocol.  As my blog title indicates, my husband and I are cautiously optimistic heading into this cycle of IVF and hope this is the answer to our hope for a baby.  I hope you enjoy my blog and look forward to reading all of your comments!

Insurance Information Update

I just got off the phone with my insurance company and received the following information:

IVF Benefits – Total cost to us = $1,150 (assuming 6 office visits)

It will be a $25 co-pay for each office visit.

It will be $500 for each of the 2 outpatient procedures (Retrieval and Transfer).

Lab tests are 100% covered.

Medications – Total cost to us = $225

Tier I

Lupron – No co-pay (Medical – whatever that means)

Doxycycline – $15 for 30 day supply

Tier II

Gonal-f – $30 for 30 day supply

Ovidrel – $30

Tier III

Menopur – $50 for 30 day supply

Prometrium – $50 for 30 day supply

Vivelle 0.1mg Estrogen Patches – $50 for 30 day supply

Estimated total cost to us for 1 IVF cycle = $1,375

This is not bad considering what I was expecting to pay out of pocket.  It is INCREDIBLE compared to what IVF costs per cycle without insurance.  However, this is also not cheap compared to FREE!  But I am going to leave the little bitterness I have towards fertiles out of this.  I am just going to say that I am very thankful for living in a state the mandates coverage for infertility treatments.  I am thankful for having insurance coverage.  I am also thankful for having saved up enough money to cover this 1 cycle of IVF so that the money is already in the bank and we will not have to put it on a credit card.  I’m wondering  what is being done to lobby for mandating insurance coverage for infertility treatments in all 50 states and other countries as well.  I’m guess RESOLVE is a big player in this fight and will be researching this more.  I consider myself lucky and would like to help in some way to helping others be afforded the same coverage.  I’m also wondering if there is some sort of scholarship program offered through RESOLVE or maybe individual medical practices to help those who can’t afford to pay without help from insurance.  My husband and I try to be very giving to organizations throughout the year and this is certainly something we are interested in adding to our list of organizations.  Does anyone have any information on these things?  Or could point me in the right direction?

Today is a good day.  I will make sure to pay it forward!

Insurance Information

I spoke with the IVF insurance coordinator “E” today and she filled me in on our coverage.  Our insurance company has approved 3 cycles of IVF with ICSI!  I am SO happy about this because I did not think they would cover the ICSI procedure.  I also learned that we have “global” insurance coverage, which means that we do not pay any co-pays from our first ultrasound until the transfer.  Then E told me that once the transfer happens, she will submit everything to the insurance company.  They insurance company will then pay their portion (which I will be calling our insurance company tomorrow to get more details on this) and then we will be billed for the remainder.  This could include office co-pays, specialist co-pays, out-patient procedures, and/or deductibles.

I’m a little bit nervous about what our insurance company will cover.  I hope to get a specific amount or percentage of what they will pay when I call them tomorrow.  In our plan overview, it just says that it’s covered, but there are no further details.  It also makes me nervous to know that we won’t be on the “pay as you go” plan, but we will need to pay a large amount at the end.  I guess we will just be saving up a bit more than usual the next couple of weeks to make sure we will have enough.

I’m glad to have some questions answered, but I am very eager to speak with our insurance company to get the real details, as well as, the details of what we need to pay for our medications at the end of the month.  Has anyone else had similar coverage to us? I’m wondering what to expect as far as total cost???

Losing weight is getting harder to do

So week 1 of the exercise/diet plan was not very successful.  I went from 135.2 pounds to 134.8 pounds.  I didn’t even lose 1/2 a pound!  I guess the good news is that I didn’t gain any more weight…that is definitely a positive!  I am beginning to think that the weight gain isn’t just about me slacking a bit on exercise and not cutting out sweets.  I definitely could use some improvement in these areas, but I also think the weight gain may also be due to my taking BCP’s again.  I’m happy the BCP’s have cleared up my ache, but since being back on it, I feel a bit bloated and my boobs have grown.  None of my bras fit anymore, which makes them very uncomfortable and shirts very unflattering.  I’ve just been wearing sports bras to get the coverage.  I guess I just need to accept these side effects and try my best to control what I can…diet and exercise!

I was not great about cutting sweets out, but I did increase my fruits/veggies intake.  I walked 2x per day with C on most days, but 1 day we went to the dog park so I didn’t do any walks and 1 day I only did the usual afternoon walk.  I did some strength training 2x during the week instead of 3x as planned.  There is definitely room for improvement, but I don’t feel like a total failure either.  Today starts a new week, so I am going to try and focus on my original goals again.  So far so good today.  A granola bar and fruit smoothie for breakfast and already got in the first walk.  Hope I’ll have happier news to report next Sunday!