Leap of Faith – Selling Meds

It has been forever since I’ve written on my own blog.  I’ve stayed connected by reading other blogs and commenting, but I haven’t felt the need or want to write about myself.  I think part of the reason is that things have been going well and I didn’t want to jinx anything and also I still have guilt that I was one of the lucky ones where IVF finally worked.  I will be 22 weeks on Monday and so far so good.  Both babies are growing on track and overall I’ve been feeling good.  All of our screening tests and ultrasounds have been exactly what the Dr. would like to see.  My husband and I are planners and we like to be organized.  Over the last several weeks we have been cleaning out the basement and guest room, getting rid of unneeded/unwanted items, and preparing for the arrival of our little ones.  We both get a natural high from cleaning and being productive, but I’ve also slowly allowed myself to enjoy the true purpose for why we were doing it.  I think I’ve finally reached a place where I am happy.  Of course I know anything can go wrong at anytime, but this is not an everyday worry I carry with me anymore.  I’m enjoying being pregnant.

With these new feelings, I’ve decided I no longer want to hang on to the infertility meds that I did not need to use.  My hope is that someone who needs them, but has poor insurance coverage or no insurance coverage is able to use them….and that they achieve for them what they achieved for me…a pregnancy.

I have the following meds still in boxes that were never opened:

Menopur Q-CAP 75IU – $30


Gonal-F 1050 IU Multi-dose – $30


Vivelle 0.1 MG Dot Patches (estadoil transdermal system)  – $50 for 4 boxes (8 patches in each box)

Vivelle Patches

Please email me at talesofacautiousoptimist@gmail.com if you are interested and I can ship them out to you.