Anxiety Provoking Transfer

I decided to go to work today and then leave once I knew the transfer was definitely going to happen today.  For my first IVF transfer, they called me at 7:30am.  Today, I didn’t hear anything by 9am so I called them.  I got a call back at 9:20am saying that I would be transferring today and we would need to be there at 10:40am.  This sent me into a panic.  I work 40 minutes from home and we are 20 minutes from the hospital.  That did not give me much time to get my stuff and get out of there and then go home to change, pee, take the valium and get on the road again.  When were they planning on calling me?  I was not pleased!  Then while on the phone with the lab tech she was not very informative.  All she said was we would be transferring 2.  Luckily, I am on top of things and asked for specifics.  How many of the 9 that were fertilized made it to today?  7  How many are top quality? 0 (Huge gasp by me) Why are you recommending to transfer 2 and what grade are they?  1 9-cell and 1 7-cell both have fragmentation.  What does that mean?  It means it’s “cloudy” when we look at them under the microscope instead of “clear”.  What about the others?  5 will be cultured out to day 6 and frozen if they survive.

Total freak out on the way to the hospital.  In a panic about being on time.  Upset that we didn’t have any top grade embryos (last time 2 of 5 were top).  And freaking out about transferring 2 embryos.  We did consent to this if we didn’t have any top grade embryos, but I honestly did not think we would get here.  Yes, there were lots of tears on the drive over.

When we got there of course they are behind.  Instead of going in at 11am, we went in at 11:45!!!  Glad we rushed!  And btw, B worked overnight last night and hadn’t slept in 24 hours…he was cheery as well!  Ugh!  We waited so long I actually had to pee a little bit (luckily my bladder was full enough when it was time).  I asked to speak to the IVF nurse on call and Kathy, my 2nd favorite nurse came in.  I wanted to know what she thought about the 2 embryo transfer and the fact that we didn’t have any top graded embryos.    She thought we should go with the 2 and that lots of women get pregnant with the quality embryos we have, as well as only 4 and 5 cell embryos.  She said they go with the statistics, but you never know.  She also said that if we move on to another cycle, they will probably recommend going back on the Menapur for stims, but not with the Luteul Lupron.  After she left the room, B and I looked at each other and both said let’s go with 2.

So there is no turning back now.  Although we want 2 children, we prefer to have them 1 at a time.  However, at this point, we just want a child…if that means taking the chance of having twins, we are totally for it.  We have been ready for our family to expand for 2 years now.  B, C, and I are a family, but we desperately want children.  We’ve had 2 failed cycles, so we felt this was the right time to take the chance on two.  And so now we wait…


4 thoughts on “Anxiety Provoking Transfer

  1. Whoa – not cool at all! How could they not keep in better touch with you about the protocol for that morning? I think you need to complain about this, that is just ridiculous. With both of my transfers, we knew at least the day before.

  2. I’m sorry it was such a stressful transfer day! I would be annoyed too if they had not called. Even with transferring two, it is still possible to have just one stick (that is what happened to us) but at least it ups your odds. fingers crossed for you!

  3. Woah.. and all that stress was so unnecessary for them to put you through! Sheesh.

    Hopefully this will be the really cool stressful story that you tell about how your kids were conceived.

  4. Oh I’m so sorry you had such a stressful time of it….I hope everything went well and one of those little embies settle in nicely…good luck on the 2WW and I’ll be thinking of you!

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