Fertilization Report

Well not what I was expecting, but not a bad report.  So of the 17 eggs retrieved, 13 were mature and received ICSI, and of those 9 fertilized.  I wasn’t expecting our total # to go down by 1/2, but 9 is still a good number.  I’m looking forward to Thursday when we find out how many are still multiplying and what quality each embryo is.  If there are at least 4 high quality embryos, we will do a 5 day transfer.  The nurse said at this point it could go either way.  Today I started the Vivelle patches (2), which I need to switch every other day and the promethium (3 tables per day).  Now we have a short wait until Thursday to see what we are doing.


3 thoughts on “Fertilization Report

  1. They say 50% is good….and really to have 76% mature is awesome and 69% of those mature fertilize is really good….My RE told me expect 50% mature and 50% of those to fertilize…you beat those stats nicely! You’re right 9 is a fabulous number…Now, grow embies grow!

  2. Congrats those are good numbers! We had 14 mature eggs and 8 fertilized with ICSI. Our doctor was really pleased with those results. Go little embryos grow….

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