Shots shots shots shots shots

Every time I’m giving myself injections Shots by LMFAO plays in my head.  I’ve been giving myself injections 2x every day since Thursday and 2 shots 2x every day since Saturday.  So that would be a total of 24 shots in less than a week.  My stomach has needle pricks and bruises all over it.  Most of the injections haven’t been too bad, but a couple of them have really hurt (maybe a 6 on the pain scale).  It’s also a bit sore around the tummy area.  Aside from the soreness, I haven’t really had any major side effects.  I’ve definitely been more emotional and will cry at the drop of a hat, but I’ve been able to hold it together when I’m not alone.

Tomorrow I have my ultrasound and b/w appointment.  Hopefully things are progressing as planned.  I’m a little bit worried b/c I haven’t had that “heavy” feeling in my ovaries.  I’ve had some twinges, but nothing major.  I hope that doesn’t mean my follicles aren’t growing.  We will find out tomorrow.

In election news, our uterus’ are safe and our right to stab ourselves with needles filled with hormones is safe!  Woohoo!!!!


5 thoughts on “Shots shots shots shots shots

  1. I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you with hopes for a great visit tomorrow. With that being said, I TOTALLY get it. My stomach is marked with little red, blue, & purple dots…With a big gnarly bruise on one side as a “war wound.” LOL ;(

    I don’t think you’ll start really “feeling” the heaviness for a little while, but everyone is different. I doubt very seriously that it is indicative of them not growing. I’m sure those babies are growing just fine!! ;)


  2. hoping for good news for you…although I didn’t get that heavy feeling until I was further along in my stims…I actually called in a panic that something was wrong, but my nurse was kind and patient and said just wait…and then it hit….good luck tomorrow!

  3. Agree with Slese! I’m thinking you’re not having that heaviness feeling yet but you’ll wake up one day in the near, near future and will feel like a floatational device. (And maybe you are feeling a bit more than you think you are but your body is distracted by those bruises & what not).

  4. Hoping for good news tomorrow! I would not worry about the lack of heavy feeling. When I was stimming I think I produced 30something follicles and I never felt heavy. The doctor kept looking @ me baffled. I think sometimes it just might be that way!

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