18 Follicles!

Despite feeling absolutely nothing these past few days, this morning I woke up feeling a bit of the “heavy” feeling.  Today they were running a bit behind with the b/w, so of course that pushed the ultrasound back as well.  I hate when things run late!  Anyway, I am responding much better this time around.  I have 11 follicles on my right ovary and 7 on my left ovary and all are between 11mm and 15mm.  The nurse and ultrasound tech were very pleased.  They told me to expect to feel that heaviness feeling increase a lot tonight.  At about 11:30am today while I was on the phone at work it really started to kick into gear and I began to feel nauseous and light headed.  I actually had to go to the nurses office (yes, a benefit of working in a school) and lay down for a bit.  She took my temp and blood pressure and both were normal.  I just laid down for about 20 minutes with an ice pack on my head.  The light headedness went away, so I just drove home and took the rest of the day as a sick day.

I’ve been laying down since I’ve been home with a heating pad.  It’s not helping all that much, but its keeping me warm and cozy.  I just got a call back from the nurse and she thought it was probably the antibiotic that I’m taking.  She said I can discontinue that, drink plenty of water and take tylenol up to every 4 hours if I need to.  She thought that it also might be causing more stomach discomfort than the “heaviness”, which I hope is true b/c I don’t know if I can handle this feeling non-stop until the retrieval.

I will be going in on Saturday morning for b/w and ultrasound.  She thinks I will most likely trigger on Saturday night and go in for retrieval on Monday.  That works out pretty well schedule wise since I have off on Monday.  If it’s a 3-day transfer I will miss work on Thursday, which I don’t have anything scheduled that MUST happen and if it’s a 5-day transfer it will be Saturday so I don’t have to worry about taking another day off of work.

I’m very happy with my response to stims this time around and I am hopeful that this means good things will happen.  But don’t worry, I’m not getting ahead of things and know no matter how well things go in the beginning it’s no guarantee I will end up pregnant.


5 thoughts on “18 Follicles!

  1. Great response! I think they saw something like 18 at my last ultrasound before retrieval and then ended up getting 33! The more follicles = the more mature eggs = the more 5 day embryos = good in so many ways. Better chance that they’re healthy and much more likely to never have to do a fresh cycle again! Fingers are all crossed for you!!

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