IVF Cycle # 2 has begun

I’ve been wanting to write all week, but life is just crazy busy lately.  Work is still insane, Hurricane Sandy has me on edge as my entire family is in the midst of it (everyone is safe and amazingly no damage to anyone’s house, but still living with the madness around them), and then just the usual stuff.  Before all of this, I did manage to have an amazing 30th birthday celebration.  My friends did not disappoint in rocking 80’s fashion and dancing the night away to 80’s music videos…so much fun!

Sunday was my last BCP.  Wednesday AF arrived.  Thursday Lupron shots began and I had my first acupuncture appointment.  The Lupron shots are not bad, but now I have to do them 2x a day instead of 1.  Also, tomorrow starts the Gonal-F (so now 2 shots 2x every day) and the Doxy (antibiotics) for me and B.  So about acupuncture.  It was interesting.  I brought my 10 pages of background info all filled out.  We spent about 40 minutes talking and going over it.  We talked about my medical history, why I was there, where I carry my stress, etc, etc, etc.  Then I laid on the table face up with my t-shirt and yoga pants on and my feet lay under a “toe warmer” (which was delightful!).  She put 3 pins in each of my legs, a couple on the inside of my left knee (I’ve been having some pain there recently), 4 on the inside of my right wrist, a couple on the top of my left wrist, 2 in each of my ears, 1 on each side of my neck, and 1 in the middle of my forehead.  Then she left me alone for 40 minutes to relax in the dark in silence (I chose not to have relaxing music playing).  She left a doorbell next to my hand in case I needed anything before then.  The needles were pretty tiny and they are just a little pinch.  Once they were in I started to feel a tingly sensation under my skin.  At first when I was left in the dark, my mind did the usual racing and I was not able to relax for what seemed to be quite a while.  I didn’t think I was going to make it the whole 40 minutes, but then when she came back in the room, I realized I had been sleeping.  I’m not sure how long, but I was glad my mind and body finally gave in and just relaxed.  My body felt relaxed and comfortable when I left the office and we made another appointment for next Thursday (which is also my b/w and ultrasound appointment).  I haven’t felt any benefit from it today, although I’m not sure what I would be feeling.  My plan is to go 1x per week through the entire cycle.  Oh and one other thing.  She suggested that both B and I start taking probiotics.  She said that since we will be on the antibiotics for this cycle, it is a good idea to get good bacteria back into our bodies.  She suggested B take them for about 3-4 weeks, but said I should take them throughout the entire pregnancy.  She said there are studies that show that a baby’s first exposure to bacteria is during delivery through the birth canal and that those babies that have been exposed to healthy bacteria have better immune systems.  I plan to ask my nurse on Thursday if probiotics are okay to take and when I could start taking them.  I would think not until after the transfer since I’m taking antibiotics to keep bacteria away for the procedures.

Another thing that has been happening all week long is that I have been on the verge of tears.  I have been SUPER emotional all week long.  I’ve cried in my car, in my office, walking the dog, and at home.  Some of the crying has been while watching the horror that hurricane Sandy caused in NY and NJ.  I also cried after answering the door to very cutely dressed trick or treaters on Halloween and for various other reasons – some valid, some just because.  I’m hoping this does not last the whole cycle…it started at the beginning of the week so I’m assuming it is a PMS symptom.  We will see how next week goes.



One thought on “IVF Cycle # 2 has begun

  1. Emotions run crazy during IVF. It could be PMS or coming off BCPs or just the stress of another cycle. I hope this is the one for you and those tears turn to tears of happiness :)

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