There are a dozen things that I love about the month of October.  I have been in love with October since I was a little girl.  I look forward to October all year long.  Fall is amazing!!! Pumpkins, apples, pies, turnovers, cider, and the list of fantastic fall foods goes on and on.  October is the month of blue jean and hoodie weather. Fires in the backyard, leaves changing from green to many shades of yellow, red, and orange, and just the smell of the air.  My birthday is in October.  On October 21st, I will turn 30.  I’ve always loved my birthday.  I take the lead and plan a get together with friends every year…there is no surprise for me…planning my birthday party is part of the fun!  October 9th will be our second wedding anniversary.  There is no other month I would have gotten married.  It may seem silly, but October has real meaning for me and all these little things I have listed above truly make me happy.

Tomorrow is October 1st, the day of my FET.  I cannot help but be super excited and hopeful that we are going to get pregnant this cycle.  October has never let me down before…will it now?  I used to be the person that believed everything happens for a reason.  I used to believe in signs.  Since dealing with infertility, I have become much more skeptical of these things, but I just can’t help believe that our FET happening on October 1st means something.  Great things happen in October for me…is it possible that we will find out we are finally pregnant? (which happens to be the day after our anniversary).

Of course, I still have already thought about the possibility of getting a negative result.  In this case, I’ve already found the silver lining…it’s October and a fabulous month of fun is already planned to help get me through more heartbreaking news.

But for now…I’m holding onto the fact that October means great things…and a positive pregnancy test would be as great as great can get :)


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