Manly Monday

Before I give you some insight into my hubby, a quick update on TTC.  Today is CD 1.  Cramps are worse than usual, but I did get some good news from one of my favorite nurses.  We are going ahead with the FET.  We have one beautiful blast, so we are going for it.  Today I start with one estrogen patch and then I’ll increase them along the way.  Only day 16 (September 25th) I will go in for ultrasound and b/w.  If everything looks good, I will start Progesterone (oh joy!) and the transfer will be October 1st.  B and I decided not to tell anyone the dates on which things are happening this cycle.  We definitely don’t want the weight of others expecting news from us again.  We just want to go through this one together and if we get a BFP, we want to tell people when we are in the “safe” zone (I put safe in quotations b/c I know there is no true safe zone.  I just mean we will tell our inner circle once we’ve had the first ultrasound…others will come much later).

And now for some manly monday fun facts!  B is a very interesting creature.  He is actually very sociable, but claims to hate social events and most people.  However, once he has been forced into the social situation, he is off on his own and chumming it up with everyone.  On some occasions he will even tell me he’s glad I made him go :)  This does not keep him from whining about having to attend every social event we will ever go to!

B’s wardrobe consists of cargo shorts, jeans, and t-shirts.  He now has several collared shirts that I bought him for semi-dressy events (like a dinner at a nicer restaurant), but he still fights me to just wear a t-shirt.  He also has the other extreme – nice suits and dress pants, but nothing in between.  He owns about 100 t-shirts and refuses to get rid of any of them (regardless of whether they have stains, rips, holes, or no longer fit).  And every new place we go, he feels the need to buy another t-shirt.  We have an entire guest closet with piles upon piles of his t-shirts.  Luckily he wears a uniform for work so he never has to worry about work attire.

He is obsessed with playing words with friends, which I’m sure many of you are thinking is not that strange.  However, he does not play to win.  He plays for it not to be his turn anymore.  He spends no time at all trying to figure out what letter combination will get him the most points.  He just wants to get his turn over with and will play the word that first pops into his head.  He will also not go to bed until he has played all of his turns on his games.  Side note about our marriage: I don’t go to bed until my turns are played also, so we no longer play each other!

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit more about B! :)


2 thoughts on “Manly Monday

  1. Yesssssss! A glimpse into B!

    My Bub is also a t-shirt aholic. I WISH I could get him on board with some suits – I did only see him in fancy attire at our wedding and he looked Fy-ine (meant to be read with a brooklyn accent).

    IIII have steered clear of words with friends thus far because it seems like exactly the sort of thing I would eventually need an intervention about. (why aren’t we playing?)

  2. Heyyy, my husband is a t-shirt-aholic too! He has so many old t-shirts, all baby soft with wear, and full of holes and excessive emotional attachment. Last year I demanded that he get rid of some of the less awesome ones, as he rarely does laundry, and when he actually does his t-shirts alone take days. What is with guys and their t-shirts?

    I’m hooked on Scramble with friends. Can’t get enough.

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