One to Freeze

Yup, I got the call today.  One of the two embryos that were looking good at day 3 made it to blast stage.  I asked her what grade it was and she told me that they don’t grade them at the blast stage b/c if the embryo makes it to blast stage they are all considered rock stars (my words not hers…haha).  It feels good to hear the news.  Since work started this week I have been a completely overwhelmed stress ball that it didn’t even occur to me that I would be getting a call to find out if any were able to be frozen.  And even when I saw it was the nurse calling, my thought was she was just calling to check in and remind me of the date of my 1st beta.  It was one of my favorite nurses and she got right to the point and sounded very positive and said they are always there if I need to call between now and beta day.  She also said the next time she calls, she hopes she has good news for me :)  I’m feeling good about having a frozen embryo.  I feel only good things can come from having it.  Worst case (which isn’t really terrible) is that this cycle fails and we do a FET.  Best case is that we get pregnant this cycle and have a possible future sibling for our current cute little embryo without having to do a full cycle in the future.  I prefer to go with option two, but I know with time I could see option one puts us in a better place than if we didn’t have any frozen.

Well I am completely mentally , physically, psychologically, and emotionally drained this week.  Waking up at 5:30am every morning and working non-stop all day while feeling the stress and anxiety of the amount of stuff I have to do in not enough time is wearing on me.  Not to mention the completely draining emotional aspect of the TWW.  Tomorrow marks 1 week, so 1 week left to go.  We have another wedding (well just a casual reception as they already got married) on Saturday.  Thank goodness Monday is a holiday.  I will end up doing a lot of work, but at least I will get to sleep in and relax for a little bit.  Then I have a short week because I also took next Friday off since I’m going in for my beta.  I decided whether it was good or bad news, I didn’t want to receive it while at work.  B will also be home on Friday (although he’ll be sleeping during the day) so hopefully they call at a time when we can hear the news together.

Overall, I’m still feeling positive and feeling pretty good (except for the extreme tiredness).



4 thoughts on “One to Freeze

  1. Nah, that second one is just a sibling. You got this.

    It is so ironic that the one period in life where everyone should be roofied and hopped up on anti-anxiety medication is the one period where you can’t. I’m wishing you a blessed and stress-free week full of moonbeams and sunshine (you’re halfway done! HOOOOORAY!)

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