Transfer was Perfect!

That is what the nurse, ultrasound tech, and my RE all said after the procedure.  There was also a med student in the room observing, which was actually cool b/c I feel like I got to hear more information as each person was explaining everything to her in more detail as they went along.  Again, all women in the room!  The rolled me into the OR and adjusted the table to put my legs in the stirrups.  The lab tech came in and went over my “fertilization report card” (her words not mine).  It said I had 5 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilized, 4 made it to day 3 and they would be transferring 1 top grade 8-cell (perfect little embryo…my words…haha).  The ultrasound tech took a look at my bladder to see how full it was, to which she replied, “it couldn’t be anymore perfect”.  Then the RE put the catheter into my cervix and we watched the embryo go up the catheter and get dropped into the center of my uterus.  It was SO amazing to see!  It was this tiny white ball floating right there on the screen.  The ultrasound tech printed a picture for us to take home!  It was a really great experience all around.  Everyone was super nice and very positive, while still sounding realistic about everything.  The only discomfort I had was having such a full bladder.  About 10 minutes after the transfer I was able to relieve myself and it made such a difference!  I am feeling great right now and am so thankful to have a picture of our cute little embie to look at :)  I uploaded the pic so you all could see!  It’s the white dot in the center of the picture with a circle drawn around it.


10 thoughts on “Transfer was Perfect!

  1. Hiya!

    Just found your blog, we’re on the same timeline, well, close enough. We transferred 2 embies on Aug 28, our beta is Saturday, too.

    Sounds like you had a great experience with transfer.

    I tested this am (7dp5dt). It was negative but am feeling okay with it. I just kinda knew deep in my gut that this wasn’t going to be our cycle. But I knew we also had to do it so we could get to the next one.

    I’ll check back soon!

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