Day 3 Transfer Today

Yup, I got the call this morning.  We will be doing a 3 day transfer today at 11:20am.  We’ve decided to transfer 1 top grade quality embryo.  Out of the 5 fertilized eggs, 2 became top grade quality embryos, 1 became a high grade quality embryo, 1 stopped growing, and 1 had fragmented (not completely sure what that means).  The lab tech asked me if we wanted to transfer 1 or 2 because that is what we had written on the initial consent form.  She said if we transferred 1 of the top grade embryos, we would have a little over a 40% chance of becoming pregnant.  If we transferred both of the top grade embryos, we would have a little over a 50% chance of becoming pregnant.  However, if we transferred 2, we would also have a 50% chance of having twins.  B and I decided to go with 1 embryo.  When I called the lab tech back to tell her, she said that is what we like to hear and that their goal is achieve a successful singleton pregnancy.  I feel very confident in our decision.  If this cycle of IVF is unsuccessful, we would be more willing to transfer 2 embryos next time around, but for our first cycle we believe this is right for us.

Well wish us luck!  The waiting begins today…

And thank you very much for everyone’s support after the retrieval.  I am so comforted by all of your words.  You all rock!!!! :)


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