5 mature eggs and all 5 Fertilized!!!!

UPDATE:  So a bit about yesterday.  We were up at 6:30am to start packing up the coolers, dropping the puppy off at camp, and running a couple errands.  We had to be at our friends house to take the bus down at 10:30am.  Yes, this is an intense/nutty drinking crowd.  I was checking my phone continuously waiting to hear from the lab about my eggs and how fertilization went.  I survived the bus ride without any, why aren’t you drinking? questions.  Once tailgating was all set up, I was feeling okay…just drinking gatorade and water.  I started my estrogen patches (2 applied to my abdomen) and my progesterone suppositories (yuck!).  At first I felt slightly nauseous, but once we were there I felt fine.  I only had to deal with 1 obnoxious person trying to get me to eat pudding shots.  He made some stupid comment like, “Oh I guess congratulations are in order for B” when I refused.  I said no and then he said “Unless I can congratulate B, you have to have one”.  Oh very mature, apparently being pregnant is the only valid reason for refusing alcohol.  He wasn’t backing down, so I just took a spoon and shot in my hand and thought he would continue on, but he seemed to be waiting to see if I would eat/drink it.  So B took it back from me and gave it back and said she’s not having one in his I’m serious voice and that seemed to be enough for him to back off.  Luckily that was the only minor incident.

So I’m waiting the entire day to hear something from the lab and nothing.  We were about to walk into the concert around 5:15 and I got a call from an unknown cell number from another state.  I usually don’t answer unknown numbers, but I was waiting for a call so I just answered it.  It was the person from the lab.  Apparently she forgot to call all of us (there were 4 retrievals on Friday) and one of the other girls called the lab and asked why she hadn’t been called.  So the lab tech was extremely nice and apologetic for not calling sooner.  I was just happy to hear from her and hear that all 5 had fertilized!  She said to prepare for a 3 day transfer, so that is what we are doing.  We should hear from lab around 8:30am tomorrow morning with a definite time.  I’ve decided I’m fine with whatever day we transfer.  I’m just hoping for 1 top graded embryo to transfer :)

As for the concert, we had an amazing time!  It was the last show of the tour and they definitely had fun with it.  There was even a surprise appearance from Faith Hill to do a duet with her husband.  The crowd of 60,000 people was so loud that she couldn’t even hear herself sing and was so overwhelmed with emotion that she missed a few of her lines b/c she couldn’t catch her breath.  At the end of the song, once they finished strong together, they kissed and Tim lifted her off her feet.  It was so nice to be a part of that moment and see the love between two other people.  Of course I was almost brought to tears as I was during particularly emotional songs (happy or sad) b/c of where we are at.  It was such a small moment of the night, but it was an awesome memory to have made.  The bus ride home was a nightmare, but it did not ruin the night for us.  We will of course go back to see Kenny again next year :)

I don’t have much time to write now, but I wanted to pass along the good news.  I know how I get when I am waiting to hear news from the blogs I follow.  All 5 eggs fertilized and the lab technician was VERY pleased with the ICSI procedure!!! Woohoo!!!!  We will most likely do  a 3 day transfer (Monday) unless at least 4 of the 5 are all top quality.  The lab person that I spoke to said it was possible this could happen because of my age, but to plan on a 3 day transfer.

I will write more details later…we are enjoying our happy news for now :)


5 thoughts on “5 mature eggs and all 5 Fertilized!!!!

  1. Woohoo for all 5 eggs fertilizing! May they continue to hatch and grow.

    Drunk and drinking people can be so annoying! I’ve gotten to the point that I just don’t put up with people pushing alcohol on me and tell them I don’t want to drink and that I’m not going to, no matter the reason. (Maybe a bit childish, but it works.) Glad you didn’t have too many people bothering you about not drinking.

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