More Stimming

I had my first round of b/w today.  Estridol level is rising, so I will drop my Gonal F down to 150 IUs from the 225 IUs I was injecting.  Everything else stays the same.  Getting blood drawn this morning was not bad while I was there, but now I have a bruise at the injection site.  I will be going back in for b/w and ultrasound on Wednesday to see how things are going.  Hopefully I won’t add another bruise.  I wouldn’t care so much if it was winter and I could wear long sleeves, but in the summer everyone can see.  I don’t want to look like a junkie! (even though I am an infertility junkie!)

Today I am excited about IVF.  My mood definitely changes from day to day (or rather second to second), but today I am feeling optimistic and exciting to be full into the cycle.  I am also feeling pretty good because so far I am handling things well…in terms of giving myself the injections and getting myself to appointments.  Before I started this cycle I was very anxious and feeling like it would be so difficult that I wouldn’t be able to get myself through another cycle if this one fails…which in turn made me depressed.  This whole thing sucks and I hate that we are in this situation.  I also have lots of anger towards those that have no clue because getting pregnant is easy for them.  But the silver lining is that I am strong and I am able to get through this.  I feel proud of myself for being able to handle things so well.  So here’s to a positive day! :)


3 thoughts on “More Stimming

  1. I hate when I bruise from blood draws. Its the worst. Ok, that probably wasn’t proper English there, but that is how it sounds in my head. Sorry off subject, Glad to hear that today was a positive day, hope they keep coming.

  2. Hear! Hear! Big cheers to a positive day! While we were going through IVF, I’d judge my days by them being a good day or a bad day. A good day was where I wouldn’t cry, feel depressed or down about the whole situation. Bad days, well, I’m sure you know what those are.
    Good luck with this round of IVF and may you have many more good days!

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