AF has arrived!

Worst cramps of my life last night!  And I didn’t take anything b/c I thought the IVF nurse told me I couldn’t have anything except Tylenol (which we didn’t have at 10pm last night).  Apparently I was wrong and that isn’t the case until I start stims…ugh!  So I spent the night with a heating pad on my stomach, which did help a little.  I called in my CD1 to the nurses so now I go in for my baseline ultrasound and b/w tomorrow morning.  I guess I am entering the next phase of IVF, which would explain the emotional breakdown last night.  While I was groaning in pain laying in bed last night the waterworks began.  I guess I am officially out of the numb phase.  I couldn’t help but think about how hard all of this is and how angry it makes me feel that most women (and all the ones I know) haven’t had to poke themselves with needles and drug themselves and go to endless appointments to get pregnant.  They get to have a fun night with their husband and POOF a baby in their belly.

The Lupron shots have been fine, but the last two were somewhat uncomfortable and I know it’s just going to get harder from here on out.  Bottom line…this is hard and it makes me sad :(


3 thoughts on “AF has arrived!

  1. Yay for CD1, but boo for having to go through IVF. I too felt (and still feel at times) the same way about it being unfair that “everyone” else got to have fun and then a baby. It does suck have to pay (a lot) for what most get free. Hang in there!

  2. This IS hard and it makes me sad too. Ugh. I’m jealous of all my naturally pregnant friends. I hate them.

    I took Midol this week, figuring since I’m definitely not pregnant yet, it didn’t matter what I took. My cramps weren’t that bad though after the BC, compared to my natural cycles. I just didn’t feel like I should have to suffer anymore than I already am.

    Ice the injection site for a couple minutes before the Lupron! You won’t feel a thing. It’s the only way I can even stand it anymore. :)

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