Sunday update…a little late

Well my Sunday weigh in had me at 134.4.  Still not losing any weight.  I was good on the walking and MUCH better with the not eating junk.  The week started out so-so, but I haven’t had a sweet/junk food since Tuesday night.  I’ve decided not to be too hard on myself.  The BCP’s are definitely to blame with a lot of the weight gain.  And it’s official…my boobs are actually bigger, it’s not just my imagination!  I am currently wearing a C cup for the first time ever.  So I guess that is some of the blame for the weight as well :)

This week is packed with work, errands, laundry, and packing for vacation.  We are SO excited to get away for 8 days!!!  I’m excited for a busy week because that always makes the time go faster and then we are that much closer to vacation! :)


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