Exercise/Diet Update: Weigh in was 134.4 (last week was 134.8) so things are not going as planned.  I have to say that I although I have been very good about getting 2 walks per day in with C, I have not been great with my diet.  I haven’t cut out sweets at all.  I don’t eat them everyday, but have had them most days.  This is my number one goal this week!  NO SWEETS!  I think the 2 walks is good, but I think I need to add a more active/heart-pumping exercise a couple times per week.  I’m not crazy about running anymore, so I’ll have to think about this one.  I haven’t been too serious about sticking to the plan and I need to get on it so I can lose at least 5-6 pounds so I can fit into my dress for my friends upcoming wedding!

Work Update: B and I had today and will have tomorrow off together.  It is so nice to spend time relaxing together.  We discovered a new trail with a stream to walk with C.  It was very peaceful and no one else was around.  We decided to go back tomorrow and pack a lunch and wear bathing suits this time.  I really enjoy our alone time especially since we don’t have much of it.  The unfortunate thing is that I have to go into school/work 3 days this week and I’m not looking forward to it.  I have been working part-time throughout the summer, but it is not school related and I have really enjoyed the break.  I”m not looking forward to the stress that will come along with it this week.  Ugh!

IVF Update: I will be receiving my meds on Thursday so I’m looking forward to that.  It will be nice to look at and organize everything.  That is the only IVF thing going on this week, but even something small makes me feel like we are progressing.  And this reminds me that I need to take my pills now (BCP, Prenatal Vitamin, and 400mg Folic Acid), which I take every night.


9 thoughts on “Random

  1. Good on you for trying to stay healthy. I can’t find any motivation, and I definitely have 5 or so extra pounds I should try to get rid of. I keep thinking if I get pregnant soon I’ll gain weight anyway…. probably not the best philosophy. haha

    How exciting about getting your meds! Make sure to let us know what you get. At my IVF teach session on Thursday I will be finding out what our regimen will be, but then I’ll still need to order the drugs from somewhere.

    • My clinic uses Village Pharmacy and calls in all my meds for me. Then they call me to get payment information and set up a date to deliver the meds. I’ve been happy with their service so far. I don’t know how they compare for prices to other pharmacies.

  2. Here from ICLW. Congrats on staying active… I need to be better about that myself!

    Good Luck with your IVF. Hoping it ends with a BFP and a little miracle!

  3. I used Village this past cycle and they were wonderful! I’d used Freedom before (they were also good) but every time I have to call for more meds I get to speak to the same person at Village and now we know each other well :)

    Good luck with this cycle!!
    ICLW #27

  4. Hey, thanks for coming over to offer support! Man, everything just slows down when you are waiting for each step of IVF – have fun getting your meds! I was stupid excited to get mine. Needles! Pens! Distilled old lady urine!

  5. Hi from ICLW…thanks for stopping by my blog this week. I just received my meds today – did you get your’s too? Good luck!!

  6. Hi from ICLW :) The few weeks before an IVF cycle can be nerve-wracking, I hope you’re hanging in there! My husband was very busy during my first IVF and it was difficult. It’s really great that you are making time to spend with each other.

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