Insurance Information Update

I just got off the phone with my insurance company and received the following information:

IVF Benefits – Total cost to us = $1,150 (assuming 6 office visits)

It will be a $25 co-pay for each office visit.

It will be $500 for each of the 2 outpatient procedures (Retrieval and Transfer).

Lab tests are 100% covered.

Medications – Total cost to us = $225

Tier I

Lupron – No co-pay (Medical – whatever that means)

Doxycycline – $15 for 30 day supply

Tier II

Gonal-f – $30 for 30 day supply

Ovidrel – $30

Tier III

Menopur – $50 for 30 day supply

Prometrium – $50 for 30 day supply

Vivelle 0.1mg Estrogen Patches – $50 for 30 day supply

Estimated total cost to us for 1 IVF cycle = $1,375

This is not bad considering what I was expecting to pay out of pocket.  It is INCREDIBLE compared to what IVF costs per cycle without insurance.  However, this is also not cheap compared to FREE!  But I am going to leave the little bitterness I have towards fertiles out of this.  I am just going to say that I am very thankful for living in a state the mandates coverage for infertility treatments.  I am thankful for having insurance coverage.  I am also thankful for having saved up enough money to cover this 1 cycle of IVF so that the money is already in the bank and we will not have to put it on a credit card.  I’m wondering  what is being done to lobby for mandating insurance coverage for infertility treatments in all 50 states and other countries as well.  I’m guess RESOLVE is a big player in this fight and will be researching this more.  I consider myself lucky and would like to help in some way to helping others be afforded the same coverage.  I’m also wondering if there is some sort of scholarship program offered through RESOLVE or maybe individual medical practices to help those who can’t afford to pay without help from insurance.  My husband and I try to be very giving to organizations throughout the year and this is certainly something we are interested in adding to our list of organizations.  Does anyone have any information on these things?  Or could point me in the right direction?

Today is a good day.  I will make sure to pay it forward!


6 thoughts on “Insurance Information Update

  1. Woah! Lucky lady!

    I am in a state that doesn’t give a rats ass about my plight. Boo.

    I think it’s awesome you’re thinking about donating.. One of my ‘do this for me and here’s what I’ll do’ deals with G-d is after all of this is over, set something up for people who are TTC#1 with infertility…

    There is one that does something and I can’t think of the name of it right now.. it’s like “put one in their arms” or something like that…

  2. Wow, that is awesome news on the coverage. My state doesn’t do anything either. I think that donating is really awesome of you! Good luck with your 1st cycle!

  3. I’m so jealous of your coverage! We just had our initial IVF consult in New York state, and learned that we are pretty much screwed. Insurance won’t pay for anything, not the drugs, not the ultrasounds, nothing.

    Our IF stories are quite similar with the MFI. I should start cycling in August-September. Let’s be friends! ;)

  4. Hello from ICLW! I am very jealous of your IVF coverage – we get a whole big nada. So my husband has basically said there’s no chance we could do it if IUI is not successful for us. Best wishes as you get started soon!

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