Insurance Information

I spoke with the IVF insurance coordinator “E” today and she filled me in on our coverage.  Our insurance company has approved 3 cycles of IVF with ICSI!  I am SO happy about this because I did not think they would cover the ICSI procedure.  I also learned that we have “global” insurance coverage, which means that we do not pay any co-pays from our first ultrasound until the transfer.  Then E told me that once the transfer happens, she will submit everything to the insurance company.  They insurance company will then pay their portion (which I will be calling our insurance company tomorrow to get more details on this) and then we will be billed for the remainder.  This could include office co-pays, specialist co-pays, out-patient procedures, and/or deductibles.

I’m a little bit nervous about what our insurance company will cover.  I hope to get a specific amount or percentage of what they will pay when I call them tomorrow.  In our plan overview, it just says that it’s covered, but there are no further details.  It also makes me nervous to know that we won’t be on the “pay as you go” plan, but we will need to pay a large amount at the end.  I guess we will just be saving up a bit more than usual the next couple of weeks to make sure we will have enough.

I’m glad to have some questions answered, but I am very eager to speak with our insurance company to get the real details, as well as, the details of what we need to pay for our medications at the end of the month.  Has anyone else had similar coverage to us? I’m wondering what to expect as far as total cost???


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