Things are moving along

Why is this world filled with so many incompetent people?  I called CVS today to request having 2 packages of pills be available for my pick up this week.  I asked if it was possible as the prescription is written or did my doctor need to call in a new one.  She put me on hold.  Then she came back and said that I can only have 1 package at a time.  I told her that I needed 2 packages and that I would have my doctor call in the new prescription.  She put me on hold.  Then she stated that I would have to pay full price for the second package because my insurance wouldn’t cover it (mind you she didn’t even have my name at this point so how does she know what my insurance will or will not cover).  I told her that the cost didn’t matter to me because I NEEDED 2 packages of pills and I would be having my doctor call in the new prescription.  (And really, $30 for a package of pills is NOTHING compared to the cost of IF!)  Then I just hung up…I couldn’t deal with the idiot any longer.  I called the IVF nurses line and left a message saying what I needed.  I got a call back within 20 minutes saying they had faxed the new prescription over and left a message on the pharmacy’s voicemail.  She old me that I shouldn’t have to pay full price that it would just be the 1 co-pay due to how the prescription was written.  So we will see what happens when I go to pick up the prescription…it will not be pretty if they deny me 2 packages of pills!

I also got a call from the online pharmacy today that dispenses all of my IVF meds.  I will get an email on 7/23 or 7/24 letting me know how much my co-pay will be for all of the meds and then they will be delivered on 7/26.  So we are all set there.  At least I was able to speak with a knowledgable person today.

Tomorrow I will call the IVF insurance coordinator to see whether she has any information for me on that end.  I want to give it a few days for the paperwork to be processed before bugging her since she was so helpful the last time we spoke.



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