And now I have a plan!

I called the IVF nurses today with a quick question.  Some quick background info…I am currently on BCPs this month to keep my cycle regular while the IVF Unit is closed.  My question was about whether I should have a period this month or skip right to the next package of active BCPs.  The nurse, K, told me not to start active pills up until July 8th (7 days after my last active pill from this pack).  Then she scheduled things around my vacation in August (which I was REALLY worried about) and it seems like things will work out well.  It also seems that we will be able to avoid a wedding weekend we have planned and a concert we got tickets for in December.  I will take active BCPs for 5 weeks (July 8 to August 11).  On August 2nd I will have my medication class over the phone with an IVF nurse.  On August 8th I will begin Lupron injections.  After my last BCP on August 11th, I will wait to get my period and have my baseline ultrasound.  Then nurse is sending me my complete protocol packet with exact dates in the mail this week.  She is submitting my prescriptions to the online pharmacy.  She is also having the insurance coordinator submit everything to my insurance.  So it looks like either the end of this week or beginning of next week I will have everything I need to get going, including knowing how much we are required to pay for the medications.

Phew!!!  I was not expecting going through all of this today, but I am so happy that I did.  Even though it’s only July 2nd and everything is a month away, I feel good about having a plan with actual dates set!!!  I will have to start the Lupron injections while I’m away on vacation, but I rather that than push everything back another week.  And I have to say that I am SO pleased with the care I am receiving at the REs office.  My RE is fine, but the IVF nurses ROCK!!!  They are SO nice and understanding and seem to do whatever it takes to move things forward.  And they actually seem to be much more familiar with the medications, timing, and the entire process more than my RE was.  I feel very fortunate to be under their care.

Tomorrow I need to call the pharmacy to make sure it won’t be an issue to give me 2 packs of BCPs this week as my refill instead of the 1.  If it is an issue, K said she would call it in directly.  Then I am going to patiently (yeah right!) wait until the pharmacy calls to give me the damage ($$$) and get my full protocol in the mail.  That is the funny (not really funny) thing about this whole process.  There is a point when everything feels like go, go, go and everything is so time sensitive and then there is the waiting period.  The go, go, go part just makes the waiting period that much harder because you have to be so on top of everything and then there is nothing but your thoughts (which we all know can be very dangerous).  I feel I am still a novice in the fertility treatment department as I’ve only been through tracking ovulation and timing intercourse and 3 cycles of IUI with Clomid. The beginning of the cycle is always centered around what day it is and making sure schedules match up, and what days/times meds need to be taken.  Then for two weeks my thoughts drift from “stay positive, we might be the 1 in a million couple” to “this is a waste of time, we know IUI is not effective for our issue” to “we might actually never have a biological child” and everywhere in-between.  IF can be torture in so many ways!

Anyway, I seemed to get off topic a bit.  Today is a good day.  I have a plan and IVF will officially be happening in 38 days (day of 1st Lupron injection)!!!!!


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