Reaction to the hoax

I’ve read a bunch of posts lately with reaction to the horrible hoax that spread throughout the infertility community.  It was such an unbelievably hurtful thing to do…to prey upon the amazingly supportive women who rely on each other to get through this physically, emotionally, and psychologically draining experience is inexcusable.  It is almost incomprehensible that a woman would fabricate an infertility story and then kill off her miracle baby in a horrible car accident.  Unfortunately there are many disturbed people in this world, but it hurts me even more knowing that one of them broke into this community.  I’m glad to know that so many of you have chosen not to let this hoax keep you from being supportive to all who enter the circle.

There were also a couple comments that made me think of my own blog.  Some people commented that they thought the blog was fake because she didn’t have any identifying information or any pictures.  My blog is similar in that I have chosen not to use any real names including the town we live in and the type of work we do.  I do not have any pictures of us or even our dog.  This was a conscious decision on my part because we haven’t shared our infertility troubles with many people in our real lives.  I worry that someone would stumble upon my blog and our personal situation would be out.  We want to have complete control over who knows about what we are going through.  I started this blog after reading for about a month or so because I wanted to feel a connection with others going through a similar experience.  I want to say exactly what I am thinking without worrying that someone I know would have access to my private thoughts and feelings.  I can understand if people are cautious of me because I choose to keep these things private, but I just hope that everyone understands that I am doing this out of protection to myself and my husband and not to deceive those within the infertility community.  I think each and every one of you is amazing and incredibly strong and I have a lot of respect for all of you.  Maybe sometime in the future I will start to put more of my personal self into the blog, but for now I choose to keep things private.  I hope you understand…


One thought on “Reaction to the hoax

  1. I don’t think people have to share pictures and personal information to prove that they are real, there was another hoax awhile back where she posted tons of pictures, just come to find out none of them belonged to her.

    I’ve never really understood why someone would want to have a life full of sadness & drama much less why someone would want to pretend that they do. There are some people who felt sorry for this woman that she was so miserable in her real life that she felt the need to concoct a false one. I’m not one of those people, I feel sorry for the countless women who heard her lie and had her fake sadness touch their hearts and take time out of their lives to comment and to give support to her.

    As for people who don’t share their personal information with the blogging community, it’s really a personal choice. For you, since you aren’t as open in real life you of course don’t want people stumbling on your blog and your personal thoughts – people should respect that. I’m the exact opposite and that’s also okay. I’ve always believed that liars get caught in the end, if there are other bloggers out there doing what this woman did eventually they will trip up on their own falsehoods and get caught.

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