IVF Consents and Protocol Appointment

Today did not exactly go as planned, but I think I handled everything pretty well.  The RE answered all of the questions that had come up for us since the IVF overview.  She told us we would be following the Luteal Lupron protocol and that we cannot start this cycle because of the IVF unit being closed.  Unfortunately, she was not able to tell us when exactly we will be starting.  She said I would have to call one of the IVF nurses to figure all of that out.  I asked her if I could go on BCP’s this month since my cycles are usually longer than normal and I don’t want to prolong the start of IVF because of that.  She thought that was a good idea, so I started back on BCP’s today.  Also, she was not able to answer our questions about insurance coverage and what portion we will be responsible for paying out of pocket.  So after leaving the office, I need to call E the insurance coordinator and the IVF Nurses line.  Why don’t they either 1) include these people in the consent signing appointment, or 2) have a write-up of important information that the RE could provide us in their absence?

E our insurance coordinator was very nice and I am very happy to know that she knows her stuff and is able to explain everything clearly.  We won’t know what type of coverage we have (either global or non-global) until we get prior authorization.  Unfortunately, we can’t get prior authorization from our insurance company until CD1 of the actual IVF cycle. Then if we have global coverage, we don’t pay anything, not even co-pays during the cycle and then we won’t know what we owe until the transfer and we know how many embryos (if any) will be frozen.  Then the insurance company will decide what they will cover and we will be responsible for the rest. Ugh!

N the IVF nurse I spoke with was also very nice.  She said we could work around our week long beach vacation in August, as well as, the wedding we are attending the following weekend.  It looks like I will begin Lupron the day after we get back from vacation and retrieval and transfer should happen the week before school starts up again.  N told me to call next week to get specifics once my chart had been sent over.

All in all, I feel like we have a plan.  I’m still anxious to know the exact dates of the plan, but I’m doing okay today.  I definitely want to keep track of all the frustrating things that happen during the process with our RE’s office and give them some constructive feedback at the end.  Has anyone else ever done this?  Was it well received?


4 thoughts on “IVF Consents and Protocol Appointment

  1. Sorry the RE wasn’t the most helpful, but YAY for helpful and competant insurance people (that’s great!) and the IVF nurse. It seems that no matter where we are, sometimes we get great people who can help us with everything and then others who only know the basics.

    My clinic had a questionnaire for people to fill out every couple of months or so. And at the end was a place to leave your own opinions. You can always see if your clinic/RE has that and if not, I don’t see why you shouldn’t share what you found frustrating with their practice. If they care, they will listen and even hopefully do something about it.

    Good luck and can’t wait to read more.

  2. I feel that’s true with this infertility road – nothing goes the way you expect it. Best of luck with your first IVF cycle…

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