101 Things in 1001 Days

Day 1: April 22, 2012…………….Day 1001: January 23, 2014

Daily/Weekly/Monthly Things

1. Write in a journal at least 1x per month (My blog has become my journal and I write at least monthly, but usually more)

2. Read for pleasure at least 15 minutes most days

3. Walk with C everyday

4. Add strength training to my weekly exercise routine for 21 straight days

5. Wash face every night before bed for 21 days (hope it becomes a habit)

6. Spend at least 5 minutes petting C every day

7. Don’t complain about anything for a day

8. Don’t complain about anything for a week

Project Things

9. Take more photographs of nature/things in our town

10. Write B little notes to let him know how I feel about him

11. Finish the B and K scrap book (12/8/12)

12. Start the Holiday card scrap book (12/8/12)

13. Frame and hang my middle school painting of a waterfall

14. Write a letter to myself to open in 10 years

15. Document our infertility journey and what I’ve learned (Since I’ve decided to write a blog, I am counting the blog as this)

16. Write a letter to my mom thanking her for all of the great qualities she passed on to me

17. Complete a daily picture project for 1 month

18. Complete a wedding photo album

Travel Things

19. Visit Las Vegas  (6/25/12-6/28/12)

20. Renew my passport

21. Visit R in Ireland

22. Spend a weekend in a place I’ve never been before

23. Go to Ellis Island

24. Go to the Statue of Liberty

25. Go to the top of the Empire State Building

26. Take a tour of the Ben & Jerry’s factory in Waterbury, VT

27. Spend a weekend in another place I’ve never been

Entertainment Things

28. See a movie at Free Movie Theater

29. Go to dinner at the new Indian Restaurant

30. Go to a beer tasting at local beer store

31. Go to an Art Walk event

32. Go to a drive-in movie theater

33. Go to a game at Yankee Stadium

34. Watch the Wire Season 1 with B

35. Sign C up for agility class

36. Build a sandcastle

37. Watch the sunset (August 2012)

38. Take a moonlit walk on the beach (August 2012)

39. Go to 3 new dog parks

40. Go on a police ride-along

41. Read a book on a blanket in the park

42. Start a water fight

43. Buy something at an antique store

44. Make an effort to eat dinner outside in the backyard during warmer months this summer…at least 20 nights

Cleaning/Organizing/List Things

45. Clean out all of our closets (7/3/12)

46. Hold a tag sale

47. Clean out the bookshelves (2/23/13)

48. Donate unused clothes, shoes and bedding (12/9/12)

49. Organize the wrapping paper and wrapping materials

50. Get rid of 100 things (2/23/13)

51. Unsubscribe to spam emails (6/21/12)

52. Clean my car inside and out

53. Get someone else to write their own 101 things in 1001 days list

54. Divide this list into groups to help me track my progress better (4/26/12)

55. Take clothes to dry-cleaner (7/11/12)

Financial Things

56. Get rid of all credit card debt

57. Pay off car loan (1/31/13)

58. Get our savings account to $10,000

59. Sign up for a home energy assessment

60. Don’t spend a single penny for 7 days

61. Buy only what is on my grocery list for 1 month

Fitness/Health Things

62. Eat more fruits and vegetables for 7 days straight (12/2-12/8/12)

63. Lose 10 pounds and maintain (Goal Weight = 125)

64. Take a new walking route at least 1 time per month for 1 year

65. Watch less TV

66. Go to the dentist

67. Floss 1x per day

68. Laugh every day

69. Get a massage at a massage school

70. Go to bed by 9:30pm on weeknights during the school year 2012-2013

71. Stretch every morning for 10 minutes for 1 week

72. Do 10 push ups, 30 squats, and 50 crunches each morning for 21 days

Connections with People Things

73. Become a mother

74. Visit with AP at least 1x per month

75. Visit with A and W at least 1x per month

76. Send 1 card per month for 6 months to a friend/family member just because

77. Reconnect with someone I lost touch with

78. Write a letter to my dad (and send it???) (sent 4/24/12)

79. Send R a card/post card every month for 1 year (1/12)

80. Make a new friend

81. Send 10 post cards to 10 different people (6/28/12)

82. Spend 24 hours with B without using any electronics (phone, computer, TV, or radio)

83. Write a list of 25 things I love about B and give it to him

84. Get B to slow dance with me to our wedding song on our 2-year anniversary in our kitchen (10/9/12)

85. Listen to our wedding song on the 9th of every month while looking through our wedding pictures or just closing my eyes and picturing moments from our wedding night

Community/Doing Things For Others

86. Volunteer at the Community Center

87. Compliment at least 1 person every day for 1 week

88. Say hi to people I see when walking, even if they don’t say hi back

89. Donate 2 magazine subscriptions to the Public Library

90. Surprise a server with a 50% tip

91. Pay for someone’s order in line behind me at the drive-thru

92. Give B an entire basket of his favorite chocolate

93. Send a thank you card to someone that supports me

94. Send someone flowers anonymously

Food Things

95. Learn to bake 3 new things (2/3  – banana bread, dutch apple pie)

96. Bake a new recipe and give it to a friend (7/19/12)

97. Try 3 new foods

98. Grow 1 vegetable in the backyard (i.e. tomatoes) one summer

99. Make homemade jam

100. Make guacamole from scratch

101. Make a list of 10 go to easy dinner recipes


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